• Expert advisor file formats usually end with “. ex4″. When the MetaTrader software is running, you can close it first.
    Then Copy the “. ex4″ file above into folder “your Metatrader” -> “experts”.
    For example: C:\Program Files\MRG Trader Network\experts\

  • Run your MetaTrader software, login, and then click Menu “Tools” at the top of MetaTrader, choose “Options” (or you can click ctrl-O) directly. Select “Expert Advisors” Tab. Click the options:
    1. “Enable Expert Advisors”
    2. “Disable experts when the account has been changed”
    3. “Disable experts when the profile has been changed”
    4. “Allow Live Trading”
    5. “Allow External Expert Imports”

  • In the “Navigator” window (if you do not find it, please click Ctrl-N), click the “+” sign on the left side of “Expert Advisor” to see the list of available Expert Advisors, your robot/expert advisor name will appear there

When it succeeded and Expert Advisors have been active then it will appear a smiley sign on the right corner and the time on the LOCAL indicator is running. If there is an X at the right corner or the time is not running, it means the Expert Advisor is off